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Marco Rocco Light and colors

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Lamp Cicina golden small pure gold Lamp Cicina golden small pure gold
Model: 0009
The “Goldies” pendant lights are the most direct inspiration as possible to the old traditions of the traditional ceramics of Grottaglie. In fact, the..
€ 200.00
Ex Tax:€ 200.00
Model: 173
The Geometric series of bottles, designed by Marco Rocco, are inspired by the solid foundations to create volumes that can be transformed into bottles..
€ 40.00
Ex Tax:€ 40.00
Model: 0040
The pine cone, better known in Grottaglie as Pumo, is a very traditional object in this city of Italy. The series of “pumos” designed by Marco Rocco t..
€ 90.00
Ex Tax:€ 90.00
Vase Ziggy orange Vase Ziggy orange
Model: 175
The Ziggy jar is part of the "zigzag" trio: Marco Rocco, starting from the broken line, draws three nice jars, Cascio, Ziggy and small Zig containers ..
€ 25.00
Ex Tax:€ 25.00
Model: 0028
The perforated lamps of the boneca series take inspiration from many of the themes dear to the designer Marco Rocco: the origins, the east, plants and..
€ 230.00
Ex Tax:€ 230.00
Model: 187-1
Marco Rocco designs Birra glasses in a limited series of 40 pieces, trying to create an object that follows the concept of absolute plasticity. The gl..
€ 35.00
Ex Tax:€ 35.00
Model: 0132
The leaves recall the wild and natural world as if to contrast with the geometry and rational rigor of contemporary design. An always interesting obje..
€ 28.00
Ex Tax:€ 28.00
Lamp Limited Edition Araba small black blue interior Lamp Limited Edition Araba small black blue interior
Out Of Stock
Model: 0083
The first series edition consists of seven models of ceramic pendant lamps, designed by Marco Rocco to be combined in two or more units to create chan..
€ 45.00
Ex Tax:€ 45.00
Model: 0147
The Bucket lamp reflects the design simplicity that Marco Rocco looks for in every Object. Minimal nice and colorful lamp, it can be directed in all d..
€ 75.00
Ex Tax:€ 75.00
Model: 0040
The pine cone, better known in Grottaglie as Pumo, is a very traditional object in this city of Italy. The series of “pumos” designed by Marco Rocco t..
€ 90.00
Ex Tax:€ 90.00
Marco Rocco Macrì

Marco Rocco Light and Colors

Objects designed with passion and products to last over time

Hi, I'm Marco Rocco, originally from Grottaglie, a city in southern Italy, famous for ceramics for more than a millennium. I deal with design and production of home objects, in 2015 I was one of the 100 most influential designers of the year. In my family I am the seventh generation that perpetuates values and excellence in super current, but at the same time artisan products.

Normally my design process starts from a concept, an idea. Maybe I read a book or see a picture and my mind clicks, but I'm never in the mechanical search for ideas.

For my objects I like to use all materials, but I think that ceramic, being an ancient and natural material, makes objects more spiritual, almost with a personality.

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05 Aug Presentation of BUMM bottle!
30 Jul Slow design: ethical, sustainable and responsible.
Marco 0 6
When I started almost ten years ago, I had just finished university and wanted to be a famous designer, draw for many brands, and be recognized for my designs.Today, after a few years of experience and maturity in the (design) world, I realized that ..
25 Jul OPEN LABORATORY: Ceramic design experience
Marco 0 3
Ceramic design experience in the laboratory of the designer Marco Rocco for beginners.The course lasts 3 hours and you will take part, together with the designer, in the design and production of an object you have designed, which will subsequently be..
28 Nov Spinosa Christmas Edition
0 42
È già arrivato il natale nello studio Marco Rocco!Non perdere l’occasione di acquistare la serie golden edition della tazza spinosa, dona alla tua casa un brio natalizio!Accedi al nostro store e comprala subito!..
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